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Im Kai Leong was born on 1962 in Doumen district of Zhuhai, China and settled in Macau after graduated from high school in 1979. Between 1979 and 1994, he served in shipyards, iron works and air conditioning repair companies.In 1994, he successfully applied for civil service job and served as a Chief administrative technical assistance specialist in Macau Health Bureau.

He started his photography in 2012. He loves to travel around the world to take pictures of culture, festival (e.g. dragon boats with fire crackers, fire dragon, etc.) and natural scenery (e.g. animal migration in Africa). In 2019, he was distinguished as Excellence EFIAP by the International Federation of Photographic Art. In 2020, he received honors fellowships in Macao (FPSM, FPPSM, FMDPA) and Hong Kong (FHKCC, FGPC, FHKAPA). Now he is deputy managing director of PSM, Macao (The Photographic Society of Macao) and joined PSA in 2021 and earned his PPSA in the same year.