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Hsiu-Chin Lee, MPSA, BPSA, AFIAP

In 2007, Hsiu-Chin Lee joins community University for photography. I began to learn the basic foundation of photography and step by step building up my photography skills. However, I stopped taking photos for about a year due to many obstacles as an photographer. Later on, I was introduced to the field of photography salons from the support of former classmates who have the same interest in photography.

I started entering International recognized photo competitions in 2016. Also, I participated in many FIAP and PSA recognized exhibitions. The goal was to apply for the international recognized photography honors . Fortunately, I got AFIAP honors in 2017. In 2018,PPSA, EPSA and MPSA honors came across like a blessing. One is never too old to learn! In the future, I will continue to work hard in different areas and take photos in different country. This is not only to expand my horizons of life, but also to witness the rich diversity of other culture. I want to share my works with people around the world.