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Goran Zebuhr, PPSA, EFIAP/g, ESFIAP, GPU CR2

Goran Zebuhr bought his first SLR camera in 1967 and joined the local photo club Enskede Fotoklubb (Sweden) in 1968. He immediately participated in the club's competitions. His first attempt, with a brilliant image from a rock concert, wasn't accepted and he got no comments. Later that year he won the club's annual competition and the judges gave very personal comments on the image's storytelling values. That made Goran realize that competitions could be a way of developing his photo skills.

The same year he was elected a member of the club's board. For the next 50 years he has been a member of boards in the club, the regional organization, and the National Association of Swedish Photography (30 years). Often as chairman or secretary. No longer in any of these boards, he is still highly active within International Salons. He is encouraging/helping his photo club members to participate, and he also acts as the head of one of the jury groups in international competitions organized by the National Association. He was appointed an Honorary Member of the National Association in 2008 and of his local photo club in 2010. In 2010 he also received the ESFIAP distinction. Goran earned his PPSA in 2020 and he is also the holder of the EFIAP/g and GPU CR2 distinctions.