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Fengying Long, GMPSA, BPSA, LRPS 

Fengying Long enjoys two things, literature and photography. It has been over ten years since she came to photography. She loves to photograph birds. Through her lens, we'll see different kinds of birds doing their special little moves, pretty adorable and full of life. The overall composition and atmospheres of he r works are more into presenting an exquisite feeling, poetically like literati paintings.

Things are a bit different when she photographs focusing on landscape. The works are nothing but spectacular as they should be. Fengying has had a growing interest in humanist photography in recent years. All the portraits she took in Africa are just like like pieces of copperplate etchings. Viewing from the eyes of the characters, the strength of religious conviction, a sense of divineness arise spontaneously.

She earned her PPSA and EPSA distinctions in 2018, MPSA, MPSA2 and GMPSA in 2019, and BPSA, LRPS in 2020.