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Fedai Coskun, PPSA

He was born in Ankara/Turkey. He is a graduate of the University's Electrical / Electronics / Engineering department. He did two masters degree in the fields of "Education Management and Supervision" and "Management and Organization."  He also completed the Photography and Videography Department of the University. He received his first photography education in 1999.

Photography is a passion for him. He is engaged in street photography, macro photography, wildlife photography, portrait and nature photography. He continues to do project-based studies in photography. To date, it has received hundreds of awards from many national and international competitions. He is also a member of three different photography associations and is a founding member of one association and on the board of directors of another association. To date, his photographs have been exhibited in seven group exhibitions. Coskun, who is a member of both PSA and FIAP, is married and has a child.

Fedai earned his QPSA in 2020 and PPSA in 2021.