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Fatih Gonul, PPSA, AFIAP

Taking photos is the alignment of the mind, eyes, and heart. Fatih Ganul dived in the deep passages of the photography in 2001 to bring aquarium designs into life. He aimed at carrying the miracles of the underwater designs to the trigger. His adventure started with a camera and unlimited imagination. A tear hides an ocean, a photo hides the life itself. Fatih Ganul succeeded to freeze the time every moment he pressed the trigger. His passion for photography crowned his aquarium hobby, also.

In 2012, he started portrait photography with the birth of his daughter. Every single day that he collects dreams while watching the sunrise pulse with the awards and first places he won. Photograph borrows the passing time. Fatih Ganul became a FIAP member in 2018, took his Life Card and immediately won his first title, AFIAP. He created Project-based photographs and participated in international contests. He succeeded to exhibit his photographs in 49 countries and had won countless medals.

He became a PSA member in 2019 and earned his first title, QPSA just in one month. Not long after, he earned PPSA distinction. Photography is a massive, majestic, and entertaining book... Fatih Gonul opens a new page every day with his passion, determination, and international training. In addition to these achievements obtained in group exhibitions, he continues his nonstop adventure with the dream to create his own exhibition. To stop every passing moment forever.