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Donna Osborne, PPSA, AFIAP

Growing up in the Central Virginia countryside Donna developed an appreciation for all things historical, living and edible! Her photography reflects those varied influences: landscapes, architecture, nature and still-life in both color and monochrome. Donna's photographic education is mostly membership in a few camera clubs over the years, on-line training courses, photographic workshops and a couple of college courses. She benefited from the expertise, encouragement and critiques in each.

Becoming a member of PSA opened new avenues of interest for her. There are new techniques to learn, new subjects to pursue and new competitions to attempt. It is said that one develops courage by stepping outside the box, i.e. your comfort level. Donna is encouraged to do so by other PSA members and the field of competition. Donna earned her QPSA in 2018 and her PPSA in 2020