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Diederik Van Rompaey, EPSA

Diederik lives in Mechelen, Belgium and has retired as safety advisor for dangerous goods: IATA, ADR and IMDG. He purchased his first digital camera in 2004 and soon after joined a local camera club, where he fell in love with model photography.

Since then, he pursued photography as a serious hobby. He prefers black and white, low key, special light effects and artistic nude. Making his own prints is also an important part of his work.

In 2016 Diederik joined PSA and FIAP in 2015. Since then he has entered many PSA and FIAP sponsored exhibits and has earned over 1200 acceptances and 75 awards in 40 different countries. He earned his PPSA in 2019 with 4 stars in PID Color and in PID Mono and also expects his A-FIAP before the end of this year. More of his images can be seen on his website https://www.diederikvanrompaey.be.

He earned his EPSA in 2020.