Carolyn M. Todd-Larson, QPSA·

Even as a child, Carolyn Todd-Larson always enjoyed taking photos. It was the advent of digital photography that caused her to become serious about moving beyond snapshots and automatic cameras. She bought her first digital camera in 2002, and joined the State College, PA Photo Club a few years later. Numerous courses, workshops, competitions, and cameras since then have helped her fine tune her skills. Not to mention software upgrades! Travel photography is her strongest interest area, especially as retirement as a marketing instructor from Penn State has allowed more time to visit other countries and cultures. Another strong interest is documentary photography such as street scenes, sports or community events. Landscapes and macro photography are also passions, and she experiments with creative abstracts from natural surroundings as well as black and white conversions.

Carolyn currently serves as President of the State College Photo Club and has recently been appointed PA Membership Director for the Photographic Society of America. She is a dedicated Penn State football fan who followed the team wherever they played for over two decades, visiting over 40 stadiums in the process. She lives in Park Forest with two cats, a miniature poodle, and her husband John Larson.