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Bob Benson, FPSA, EPSA·

Bob Benson retired as a Food Scientist CFS in 2014. He joined a camera club in 1978 so he could learn how to operate his new 35mm film camera, and eventually became more involved at the local level until finally joining the Board for the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association in 2001, serving in various positions, including as President from 2003-2005 and as co-chair for the Chicago Area Photographic School since 2005.

He judges and presents at local clubs and for seminars on a regular basis, providing education programs and training for new judges. Through CACCA, he has earned major awards, including the Wanda Christl Award (volunteerism), Stinson Award (photography excellence), the Len Gordon Award (creativity), and holds a TOPS in color prints, B&W prints and creative prints.

Bob joined PSA in 1997, and earned his APSA in 2008, FPSA and EPSA in 2019. He started the previous EID Interclub Competition in 2005, and ran the PID Interclub Competition from its inception until 2017. Being a group leader in the PID Digital Dialogue since 2007 (back when it was EID) has provided great satisfaction. He currently writes an ongoing column for the PSA Journal, and has been VP of Divisions.

"My biggest passion is prints and printing; there is nothing like seeing a well-crafted print. A projected image, due to the smaller file size, can hide some flaws that will not escape a large print. While I generally prefer landscapes, I am willing to try anything, as I see that as the best way to learn."