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Bente R. Dybesland, PPSA

Bente is living in a small village nearby Kristiansand in Norway. Her mum tought her the secret of photography, and since she was 10 years old she often carried a camera to document the nature and the everyday life.

Photographing has taken her to many places around the world hunting motives. Catching the moment with the lens and looking for new ways to see the magic of the world is always on her mind. Pictures with snow and ice are some of her favourites. The white surface with few details makes the photos look so clean and estetic.

Her photos have been shown in exhibitions and have also been sent to contests in many countries around the world with acceptances, awards and medals as results.

Bente is member of Fokus Fotoklubb. She got her EFIAP/b in 2015, joined PSA in 2016 and received her PPSA the same year.

"The moment,
seen only once,
a time, a place, a memory,
cought by the lens,
for ever" (BRD 2015)