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Avik Sett, EPSA, EFIAP·

The photographic endeavor of Avik Sett started early in the 2014 when he joined the Basic Photography Course. He had the passion for photography in him when he was in his teens and would watch his father Dr. Partha Pratim Sett, a renowned Doctor, having this passion and constantly following it despite of his busy schedule. With his father's Pentax K-1000, Avik started dreaming to enter into the magical world of photography.

Later, when he was pursuing his own medical career, he bought his first camera, a Nikon D-90. Before joining the basic photography course, Avik had felt that the camera is controlling him while he was supposed to do the contrary. The course followed and he started learning the delicate intricacies of controlling a DSLR. After having finished the course, his first success came along as his photo got in the second place of the course's annual photography project.

He continued his photography career as a salon participator and got the guidance of other photographers. In the meantime, he got hold of a Canon 5D Mark 2. Acceptances and prizes started coming along as he ardently followed his guidelines. He completed his AFIAP Distinction in 2016 and his EFIAP Distinction in 2018.

He then entered the PSA as member and soon started volunteering his time in PSA Volunteer line-ups for EDAS submission. He achieved the certificate of an Image Analyst from the PSA. He later became an Exhibition Standard Director in 2019. He has recently earned the EPSA Distinction in 2020, another feather in his photographic crown. Despite of all the achievement, he has feet on the ground and still pursuing his passion as an energetically and excitedly as he was in the earlier days of his photographic journey.