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Anitha Mysore, MPSA, AFIAP, EIUP, AFIP

Mrs. Anitha Mysore is a Software Engineer by profession, having completed her Masters in Civil Engineering. Born in Bengaluru, she started to pursue photography as a hobby at an early age. What started as a means to capture memories for the family found its fruition with her association with Youth Photographic Society (YPS) in 2016.

Having travelled widely on job, she is keen on travel photography and is also an avid bird photography enthusiast. The Salon arm of YPS has given her the much needed fillip to push her photography to new heights. She became a member of PSA in 2018 and earned her first distinction from PSA, PPSA, in 2019. Her images have been exhibited in more than 25 countries across the globe. Her list of distinctions include, AFIAP, EIUP, AFIP, cMoL and GPU CR-2. She has over 1400 acceptances and over 60 awards to her credit. She earned her EPSA in 2019 and MPSA in 2021.