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Andrea Maina, EPSA, EFIAP/s

Andrea is an Italian amateur photographer born in 1962 who lives in Turin. He began to get interested in photography when he was a teenager. In 2011 he founded "Oculus Digitale" (www.oculusdigitale.it), an Italian photo club which plans, develops and finalizes collective photo projects. He is also teacher in numerous shooting and postproduction workshops.

He was awarded with the AFIAP honour in 2013, with the EFIAP and PPSA honours in 2015 and with the EFIAP/b in 2017. He earned his EPSA in 2018 and his EFIAP/s in 2019. He participated to several collective photo exhibitions in Turin.

In 2017 he published and exhibited "Sailing Buildings," the photos & drawings project performed with the Italian painter Gabriele Artusio (www.sailingbuildings.com). He got several awards in international photo contests, mainly in Australia, India, United Kingdom, USA, etc.