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Aleksander Cufar, MPSA

I was born in 1962 and in 1984 I graduated from what is now the Faculty of Health Sciences as a radiologic technologist. Throughout my life I have lived in a town called Zelezniki. I am the father of four children. Photography has been my passion since 1990 and during this time I have won more than 500 awards both in Slovenia and around the world. Since 2000 I have been a member of PSA.

My inspiration is nature, where I love spending my free time; this is why mountains, landscapes, animals, plants, macro photography, and people in harmony with nature are my favorite motifs. I mostly look for scenes that are vibrant with colors, beautifully lit up and stand out. After I have selected a scene I wait for the right time of the day or the year to get the opportunity to capture what I see and show it to the world. I could choose the same motif over and over and each time it would be different. This kind of variety, the changing of light, gives me immeasurable pleasure and the opportunity to search for something yet unseen. It is all in the light and after you master observing it, photography becomes easier and the successes greater.

Lately I have also been focusing on experimenting in photography and black-and-white photography. With the emergence of digital photography the photographer has regained total control of the creation process and the possibilities are endless. Just as once photographers created black-and-white masterpieces in their darkrooms I do it today in a slightly different "darkroom." People used to tell me that the only true photography is black-and-white photography, now I hear that going analogue is the only real thing. But I simply tell everyone the same: a good photograph is rare be it black-and-white or color, analogue or digital.