Policy on Photo Adventures

Requirements for the PSAREPs/Co-REPs

Keep in mind that the Photo Adventures are being conducted by a contractor who is operating with his/her own indemnity insurance, and as such is the true “Leader” of this event.  Still, it is of paramount importance that the designated representative from PSA and their co-rep(s), if any, adhere to or subscribe to the following aspects of their behavior, training, and preparation for the tour.

  • PSA Representatives (PSAREPs) and any co-reps should be backups for the tour contractor, and as such they should have as a minimum an operational knowledge of CPR and basic principles of First Aid.

  • PSA will provide a First Aid Equipment List and/or provide the needed equipment deemed to be necessary for the tour, irrespective of the equipment provided by the tour contractor.  If such equipment is NOT provided directly by PSA, all such required equipment will be an integral part of the Equipment Checklist.

  • PSAREPs or a designated co-rep should write a daily narrative (journal) about the experiences of the day, particularly if there are any health, safety or exposure issues that manifest themselves during the progression of the day.  Direct quotes of participants, if available and verifiable, should be a part of this written narrative.

  • PSAREPs should have in their possession a full and complete list of all participants, including emergency contact names and phone numbers, preferably both home and cell phone numbers.

  • PSAREPs should collect and carry with them the LOCAL numbers for police, fire, fire rescue, and the addresses for local hospitals, clinics or first aid facilities.  This is to be doubly safe beyond the simple act of using the familiar 9-11 number to call in an emergency.

  • As in point 3, above, it is necessary to clearly and accurately document in writing a full description of any First Aid provided a tour participant.  This should include name, date, time, type of injury/accident, who was attending the individual, steps taken to mitigate the person’s injury/accident, times involved for arrival of emergency personnel and any other facts regarding the incident that would be descriptive and of later use.

  • In the event of an accident related to a fall, bite, sting, struck by, heat exhaustion, or any condition that is visibly an injury or illness, take adequate photographs to document precisely what happened and the outcome to the participant.  Obviously, this is a sensitive and discretionary time for the injured or ill, so be discreet but purposeful in obtaining this visual documentation.

  • Perhaps without need to mention, it is assumed and should be obvious that PSAREPs and/or their designated co-reps should be capable of assisting the tour contractor in every way.  To facilitate that assistance, leaders and co-leaders should refrain from any intake of alcohol or other behavior-altering drugs during the tour.  Evening meals are discretionary for the use of alcohol, and common sense must prevail.

  • Any PSAREP or co-rep are volunteering their time and talents to the Society and enjoying the benefits of the tour. As such, they will be expected to pay the same fees as other participants.  The exception to this would be if an arrangement has been made with the professional tour contractor to give them some subsidy in return for their efforts and assistance.

  • There should be a post-tour evaluation done by both the PSAREP, and the participants.