M - P

Ranjani Perera, PPSA

I have loved photography since I was about six years old. When I was schooling, I never had the chance to take photographs.  Once I finished studying I started, but couldnt continue since I got married and had a baby. I was busy with my baby and my office work. I had to stop everything. Likewise three times I was disturbed by three baby births.

I worked for the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, and now I am retired. My children have finished their studies and are married. Now I find some free time to live my passion. I love sports too. In my daily routine, I do Yoga and meditation too. I am a member of a few Societies and continue to take photographs as much as possible. I am also taking some photography courses.

Ranjani Perera earned her QPSA and PPSA in 2020.