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Ranjan Ramchandani

Ranjan Ramchandani is a Singapore based published photographer focusing on travel and wildlife. He calls himself a life long student of photography who does not like being categorised in any one genre. Ranjan has recently accepted the position of Asia/Africa Editor for the recently launched magazine in the United States - The Wild Lens. (

He has honed his skills through photography expeditions around the globe including major wildlife destinations. Today, he is one of the best persons to travel with on safari and is always happy to take guests with him to Africa. Ranjan also runs regular field Photography workshops in Africa. He is also a graduate from the New York Institute of Photography. In the past he has been the community ambassador for Canon EOS World, Singapore and then moved on to become an Olympus Visionary and brand Ambasador for a few years. Today he has decided to go freelance and uses both Canon and Olympus systems.
To Ranjan photography is an art - A true medium of self-expression. After his visits to Ladakh in India he was inspired to do his first coffee table book, “Swades: Ladakh: The Land of Splendour in September 2010. His latest book is the first of it’s kind in the world; Published by Floop Photography in the Netherlands this is a coffee table book on the Masai Mara in 3D.
Ranjan has thereafter been covered and published in various media in India and the US - Sanctuary Asia, Green Leaf, BanyoPran, Outdoor Photographer and recently The Wild Lens.

He’s got recognition and awards at competitions from MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), PX3 (Paris), IPA (International photography Awards), OneEyeland awards, World Photo Gala Association, The Charles Dodgson Award The Pollux Awards and more.

Ranjan’s works have been shown by private galleries in India, Singapore and now the United States; And was curetted for the 3rd Biennial of fine art and documentary photography at Malaga, Spain in 2014, the 4th Biennial of fine art and documentary photography at Berlin, Germany in 2016, the 5th one which was held in Barcelona, Spain in 2018 and the 6th one which is being held in Barcelona, Spain in December 2021. He was exhibited at Barcelona in October 2019 also where he had been curetted as a part of a group show along with photographers from around the globe.