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Rajdeep Biswas

A human resource professional and faculty of Photography at Dumdum Fotounit in Kolkata, India, Rajdeep has been into photography for over 15 years. His initial hobby transformed into serious interest for Rajdeep. He is guided by the “mantra” of sharing his knowledge to the interested ones.

Regular study and updating knowledge is what keeps Rajdeep motivated. According to him, there is no substitute for knowledge. You implement your knowledge and that makes you complete. The genres which interest him are Minimalism, Portraits and street photography. He is old school when it comes to composition and believes that one should learn and observe composition and then should try to break it like an artist.

While others keep participating in salons, Rajdeep, motivates others and forms a team to participate. He believes in growing together. He has been honored with membership from a photographic club of Turkey as well.

He sees himself continuing teaching photography and spreading the knowledge to whoever is interested to learn and adapt. He further wishes to keep serving his club Dumdum Fotounit, which, according to him, is the place of worship and one of the reasons for his success in photography, worldwide.

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