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Rene Van Echelpoel, PPSA

Rene Van Echelpoel was born 1954 in Retie, Belgium. As a nature photographer he is a member of the Belgium photographic society "Flits 80-Tielen" and of the Austrian "Fotoklub Leonding."

Ever since his youth, he has a special admiration for all aspects of nature. Rene is particularly interested in photographic techniques to capture his personal nature experience as detailed as possible. The emptiness, the silence, the greatness but above all the beauty of nature has continued to fascinate him up to this day. As his interest in nature expands to all natures facets, he wants to improve his technique to capture all that splendor and give it more and more shape. Many years of spending countless hours of leisure, observation in forests and fields and lots of patience, have been translated into a large collection of nature shots, in short, a real life work.

Rene regularly participates in worldwide organized international nature photography competitions. It is a real passion and he hopes to continue for many years. In 2012, he won the section Digital Images in the VOAV-Staatsmeisterschaft in Austria. In 2013, he received the PPSA distinction as well the Austrian distinction EVOAV mit goldenen Ehrennadel by the Verband Osterreichischer Amateurfotografen-Vereine.

Torenvalk met Prooi

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Giervalk met Prooi

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