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Rob Ten Tusscher, PPSA

Rob ten Tusscher has been active as a photographer and member of "Fotogroep Schelfhorst" in Almelo (The Netherlands) since the 1970's. Although a broad series of photographical subjects and techniques are applied, over the years his work has become somewhat focused on two major themes: "street portraits" -  social encounters with people from all over the world and all branches of society are visualized. The second theme, perhaps a bit in contrast with the first, is conceptual photography where images are created using arbitrary objects from daily life. The variety of the portfolios on this website illustrates a passion to observe and capture images in all kinds of situations. More of his images can be seen on this website: www.robtt.nl

Rob received his PPSA in 2014.

Portrait Thailand 01

Stage 01

Woman with Cat

Laisaczf 01

Boy on a Step


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