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During the formation of PSA, a Who's Who in Photography listing was created - the only such list in the world. Each exhibitor had to enter a minimum of ten exhibitions each year to be included in the Who's Who list for that year. A favorable review of this program created the impetus to develop the Pictorial Division's Award of Merit, which evolved into the PSA Star Ratings program. The first actual publication of the Who's Who in Photography list was in the January 1942 issue of the PSA Journal.

Included with the June PSA Journal. The PSA Who's Who in Photography can be downloaded as a pdf or viewed online, by division. Corrections printed in the November issue of the PSA Journal.

How to Get Listed
Exhibitors in each division and section who have met the minimum number of acceptances in PSA-recognized exhibitions the previous year are listed. The minimum of acceptances to be required to be listed should be 5% of the total possible acceptances or 150 whichever is less.  If the minimum number required is 4 or less, then an added requirement is that they be in at least two judgings. To be included in the Top Box, exhibitors must have at least an average AJS, and acceptances in at least the average number of judgings or 75 whichever is less

The Process

Lists are compiled from electronic spreadsheets sent to the PSA Who's Who Directors by the PSA-recognized Exhibitions. Unreported errors in the catalogs, missing catalogs, misspelling, and/ or misplacement of names in a catalog may result in inaccuracies. Exhibitors are requested to use the same form of their name on all exhibition entries to ensure correct credit.  Exhibitors should report catalog errors to the exhibition, and to the appropriate Who's Who Directors (listed below) and Star Ratings Directors. Corrections must be confirmed by the exhibition.

PSA members have the opportunity to use their acceptances to apply for PSA Stars and to use those Stars to earn PSA Distinctions for Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA). 

The PSA Journal Editorial points earned by PSA members, and the number of new PSA members referred by PSA Members are also included in the annual Who's Who publication.

"In the Box" and Who's Who Certificates

Whos_Who-In_the_Box_Certificate-150.jpgIn addition to the alphabetical listing with total acceptances, the most successful exhibitors during the year, based on their Average Judging Scores achieved in a minimum number of judgings, are listed in a "box" displaying the top exhibitors for each division/section.

All PSA Members who are among the top ten (10) in each Division's Top Boxes receive a Who's Who certificate. If a Top Box lists fewer than ten (10) exhibitors, all PSA members in that Top Box receive Who's Who certificates.

Those in the first, second, or third places in the Top Boxes are invited to submit two images for possible inclusion in the PSA Who's Who in Photography publication. 

Model Release May be Requested if winning image is a portrait and PSA wishes to publish it

If there is no Model Release available, the image may win but cannot be published. For those who do not have a Model Release, Sample Model Release Form - doc - interactive pdf - both of these forms can be filled out and saved on a mobile or desktop device. 

PSA Who's Who Directors:

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