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PSA Lifetime Achievement Award to Cornerstone Member,
Kan Hing-fook, APSA

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Master KAN Hing-fook, APSA, of Hong Kong began photography in 1938 at the age of 17. At 30, he was honored to become a Cornerstone Member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA). MASTER-KAN-Photo-3-Tips-for-longevity_Photography.jpg
Master Kan said the secret to longevity is Photography as he was honored in Hong Kong at a special pre-ceremony in June, 2012.
Now at 92, Master Kan is the last active Cornerstone Member of PSA.
Braving the Morning Wind, 1982
Master Kan has been photographing for almost three quarters of a century and he is as passionate and dedicated to the art of photography as ever. He has traveled the world in search of his subjects and continues to travel and photograph, even today. His friends and people from the Chinese photographic communities call him an Evergreen Tree in Photographic Circles. MASTER-KAN-02-Ricksaw-1946.jpg
Ricksaw, 1946
He began with monochromes depicting social documentary, moved from the photojournalistic approach to the artistic approach of his monochrome landscapes, and continued to develop his creativity with his introduction of impressionistic works into his color photography. MASTER-KAN-20-Spring-2010.jpg
Spring, 2010
Vehemence, 2002
PSA is pleased to announce that the very first PSA Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Master KAN Hing-fook at the 2012 PSA International Conference of Photography in San Francisco to honor and recognize Master Kan's lifetime photographic achievements. The award presentation banquet will be held on September 22 at 7:00 pm. Master Kan is also celebrating over 60 years of membership in PSA. MASTER-KAN-18-Startled-2000.jpg
Startled, 2000
Life is But a Dream, 1998
Well known internationally, Master Kan is graciously providing an exhibition of a selection of his world-class salon masterpieces at the Conference in San Francisco. The Grand Opening of Master Kan's Exhibition of Prints will be on September 19 at 4:30 pm, immediately following the Opening Ceremony of the Conference. MASTER-KAN-13-Water-Palette-1953.jpg
Water Palette, 1953
Hermitage, 1951

Six of his masterpieces including Braving the Morning Wind, Hermitage, Red Earth and Gallop in the exhibition and two other works, traveled into space in June with China's spacecraft, Shenzhou 9.

Red Earth returns from space travel


美國攝影學会 (PSA) 萬分高興宣佈, PSA之首個 「終身成就」獎, 頒發於簡慶福大師, 為表揚簡大師在攝影藝術領域70餘年的卓越成就和貢獻,榮譽頒授典禮將於在美國三藩市舉行的2012 年PSA國際週年大會晚宴 (9月22日晚上7時) 時舉行。


PSA更十分榮幸,得到簡慶福大師在2012年PSA國際週年大會期間,舉辦《光映歲月 -- 簡慶福攝影展》,攝影展開幕儀式在9月19日下午4時30分舉行,歡迎世界各地影友蒞臨。簡大師有六幀傑作在2012年6月乘坐中國太空船「神舟九号」漫遊太空,包括是次展覽的其中四幅作品:《一湖春水曉帆風》、《黃山雲》、《江山如畫》和《奔騰》。