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Date / Time Posted - 2016-06-13 17:55:00

Presented by Membership Milestones chair Christine Wilkins (last one on right) to recognize clubs and councils reaching special membership year anniversaries as PSA members
5 year (as of 2014) - Alice Way & Nancy Speaker/Photochromers
5 year (as of 2013) - Ken Cordas/Anaheim Camera Enthusiasts
5 year (as of 2013) - Joanne Stolte/Exploring Light and 60 years (as of 2013)/Southern California Council of Camera Clubs
15 year (as of 2013) - Douglas Wade/Lancaster Photography Association
15 year (as of 2015) - Brad Bolves/ the Valley West Club
30 year (as of 2014) - Suzanne Gonzalez/Glendora Camera Club (click image to enlarge)

Doug Wade (LPA),
Christine Wilkins

Brad Bolves (Valley West),
Christine Wilkins

Nancy Speaker (Photochromers),
Christine Wilkins, Alice Way
Ken Cordas (Anaheim Camera
Enthusiasts), Christine Wilkins

Joanne Stolte (S4C),
Christine Wilkins

Suzanne Gonzalez (Glendora
Camera Club), Christine Wilkins
Joanne Stolte (Exploring Light),
Christine Wilkins