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PPD - 2020-02-25 10:29:00

  • Bathing in Lobster Claw, by Caroline Peppiatt, SPSA, First Place, Color Print winner
  • Holly Moore, PPSA, judged
  • Color and Mono Gallery
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Caroline Peppiatt, SPSA of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, who has often done well but never won before, wins this time with the First Place Color Print, Bathing in Lobster Claw. Holly Moore, PPSA, our judge, wrote: “The print, Bathing in the Lobster Claw, caught my attention as soon as I started viewing the photographs. Throughout the process, the 'grasshopper print' continued to be always in my mind. It was love at first sight.

Although small, the grasshopper is easily and readily identified as the subject. He couldn’t be in a better location. The excellent use of lighting is obvious, and my eyes are immediately drawn to him. The depth of field is effective, the colors are vivid, and the print has just the right amount of contrast. The diagonal movement of the repeating claws is dynamic, yet not distracting or overwhelming. The composition fills the frame well and the dark background and vignette keep the viewer’s eyes on the center of interest. The water droplets, clinging to the claws, connect with the reason why he is there. Lighting and composition are truly the essence of this photograph. For me, it is excellent print created in a natural but impactful way."