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PSA Awards - 2013-10-09 07:25:21

  • PSA's 2013 International Understanding Through Photography (IUTP) Honoree
  • Worked for Life Magazine and National Geographic
  • Covered Woodstock, Vietnam, the Beatles and Bobby Kennedy's Presidential campaign
  • More info

PSA's 2013 International Understanding through Photography (IUTP) honoree, Bill Eppridge, died October 3 at the age of 75 in Danbury CT. He had been unable to keep a commitment to present his retrospective "Fifty Years in Photojournalism" at the PSA conference, or to receive the IUTP award in person as scheduled, due to being hospitalized a week before with the serious blood infection that ultimately took his life.  For more information about him, see page 17 in the Oct issue of the PSA Journal. --Lynn Maniscalco, IUTP Chairman

His obituary was printed in the NY Times