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PPD - 2018-12-29 08:28:00

Helen Herbert, EPSA, of Maryport, Cumbria, England, who joined us last May, wins with the First Place Star Color Tracks to Pier

Our judge, Darrell McClanahan, PPSA said: “What great serendipity. How great it would be to be the first person with a camera to come across this scene before the vehicle tracks are either washed away or destroyed by foot traffic or other vehicles. You can’t really tell which direction the vehicle that made the tracks was traveling, but I choose to believe it was traveling toward the pier. That’s the direction I’m being led by the exceptional leading lines. The overcast sky has the right amount of cloud texture that fills the space and contributes perfectly to the overall scene. It does not detract from the principal elements, rather it creates shadows that define the tracks beautifully. The pier has excellent sharpness, and I couldn’t have chosen a better color than that shade of green for the accents. All the elements have great organization. Right time and place, Time to go for a stroll to see what drew those people to the other side of the pier. 'F/8 and be there.'"