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PPD - 2018-03-15 08:28:00

For the second time in less than a year David Price PPSA of Cumbria, England has won, this time with his first place Star Mono, Train Spotting. Our judge this month, Kristina Erin Kaye, FPSA, EPSA explains:

“Loved the print as soon as I saw it … and the title just made me roar with laughter! I know that Train Spotting is big in England, but I had no idea that interest was shared with the sheep. The exposure is very apropos for the scene, and is dead-on perfect. Excellent tonal quality combined with an excellent choice of paper types. It’s almost as though there were a landscape director on site telling the sheep to look at the train when it gets to the best spot. The clouds are moody and create a great feeling of perhaps some impending danger for the train. The way you have highlighted the bridge and train adds that perfect separation needed from the clouds. Bravo! Love it, can I buy a copy!?”