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PPD - 2019-01-22 15:24:00

  • Ring Tail Lemur by Cindy Lynch of St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Sam Shaw, FPSA, MPSA, judged
  • Color and Mono Gallery
  • Click image to enlarge

Cindy Lynch, of St. Louis, MO, wins for the first time this year, after winning it all in the past two years. Her winner is the First Place Star Color Ring Tail Lemur.

Sam Shaw, FPSA, MPSA, a judge who many of us know and appreciate, says “Technically everything about this image was handled perfectly. The Lemur and the branch it is sitting on are tack sharp. The exposure and contrast of the image couldn’t have been done better. Lighting is soft enough so no harsh shadows are produced and there is a highlight in both eyes. The muted out of focus background really makes the Lemur stand out. For me the image is a mystical and magical outstanding image

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