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Community Service

Kathy Braun, FPSA, PPSA


Each year PSA holds a Youth Showcase, which is a competition for high school age students in public and private schools, 4-H Clubs, and Scouts. Home school youth in this age group are also eligible. 

Youth Showcase entries are sponsored by PSA chapters, PSA-member clubs and councils.  This PSA activity is a good way for clubs to get involved in community service.


Many photography clubs enjoy some community service and make it a part of the club schedule.  PSA recognizes club community service with an annual award.

PSA Youth Showcase

Chapters, clubs, and councils can easily get involved in the PSA Youth Showcase. The Youth Showcase Consultant (who is also the Youth Showcase Director) is available to help. 

Read the article below describing how the PSA Youth Showcase worked for a PSA-member club. Then read about the PSA Youth Showcase (see link at top of this page). Contact the Consultant if there are any questions.
Consider various ways identify schools or groups in your area that might be interested in participating in this activity.  Make arrangements to meet with the teacher or program director and offer the club's service with the youngster's photography. It is important to obtain permission from the schools to solicit students' works for this competition. Establish a method for selecting the prints and digital images that will be submitted, and then submit the youth’s entries on time before the deadline.

Have someone take photos of the prints that are selected and are displayed at the PSA Annual Conference and show the photos to the youngsters. Other ideas are to make slide shows of the sponsor’s entries for the schools and students and to send information for articles about the Youth Showcase to the local newspaper. Make plans to expand your club's youth program for the next year. Your club can gift the youth group or teacher with a PSA membership so the youngsters can share a copy of the PSA Journal and learn more about PSA. The Youth  Showcase winners and their images are published in the September issue of the PSA Journal and are also available from the link to the Youth Showcase on top of this page.

PSA Club Service Award

Many photography clubs enjoy community service and make it a part of their club activities.  PSA recognizes club’s community service with an annual award. More information on the PSA Club Service Award.

The Community Involvement section (below) lists some activities that clubs can do to earn the PSA Club Services Award. 

Community Involvement

Some clubs provide photography or Photoshop classes at no charge for youngsters or adults.  There are clubs that prepare print photo galleries for local hospitals, Community Centers, or senior facilities.  Photography clubs have offered their services at no charge to photograph animals for adoption at shelters, children at school events, or glamour shots for cancer survivors.  Clubs have donated their members' prints for auction to raise money for relief efforts.  Other clubs prepare photo shows specifically to share with community groups.  Help with these projects and other community service efforts is available for PSA organizations.

Public Art Archive

The Public Art Archive is an online database of public artworks. The database is supported and managed by a nonprofit art service organization called the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). The public art managers have partnered with PSA to provide a list and locations of artworks that need to be photographed. This would be a great community service activity for any PSA organization. Please refer to the Public Art Archive webpage for more information (link at the top of this page).