Writing and Submitting Images for the PSA Journal

The PSA Journal is not a photographic magazine but a periodical with news and information for PSA members. The interests of the readers vary from technical aspects of photography to practical photography without technicalities, i.e. using point and shoots or the program mode. All articles are written by PSA members unless the VP for Publications has made a special exception.

The space in the Journal must be utilized for its maximum usefulness. Before starting an article, decide how the article will benefit the readers. The purpose of the Journal is to inform and help the reader in the pursuit of better photography. A review article should be critical, presenting the pros and cons of the subject.

Next, write an outline and organize the article. Feature articles should be limited to 1200 words. There should be a title, an introduction, the body of the article, and a conclusion. The title should grab the reader’s attention and highlight the general topic of the article. The introduction should contain any relevant background information and set the tone of the article. The body should be broken into pieces with subheadings for easy organization. It includes the details of the article. The conclusion should leave a lasting impression on the reader and encourage the reader to take some action or change an opinion.

In order to adhere to the limit on number of words, do not use flowery language or get too wordy. A wordy article wastes Journal space and readers’ time. Good articles are not written but rewritten. Set the draft aside for a few days, read it again and then refine it. This not only saves space but makes the article easier to read.

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  • Before submitting your article
    • Be sure photographic information is included.
    • Check that a regular font (not script) and upper and lower case letters are used.
    • Check that wide margins, right justification, and double spacing are not used.
    • Check for accurate spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
    • Check facts, names, places, and dates for accuracy.
    • Double check quotations and references for accuracy.
    • Be sure the text does not include image titles.
  • Submitting your article
    • E-mail a Word file of your article to the following three people at the following email addresses:
    • Include a current portrait photo of yourself.
    • If one of your images contains a recognizable person and is not a news or editorial image, include a model release.
    • Include a signed Author’s Agreement.
    • Supply a list of brief captions for all submitted images.
  • Preparing an obituary

    Obituaries, for members of PSA, published in the PSA Journal are very different from obituaries commonly found in regional or city newspapers. The Journal obituaries deal with members and their activities in PSA and related photographic organizations and areas. The first paragraph normally includes all Society related activities, Honors, and Distinctions. The following paragraphs may include important photographic achievements internationally and locally. Other honors and distinctions from non PSA-related organizations may be cited. Rarely are employment or personal non-photographic achievements reported.

    It is normal for members who have been elected to Honors or achieved Distinctions to receive a more extensive obituary, which includes a picture if one is available.

    The Editor of the Journal neither writes nor researches obituaries, but usually edits them for length and for non-photo society information. The Managing Editor may occasionally research the dates that Honors and Distinctions are received.

    The PSA Journal realizes the importance of notices of passing and obituaries and will do everything possible to facilitate their publication.

  • Submitting digital images
    • Submit 10-12 properly focused images that relate directly to the content of your article, in both horizontal and vertical formats. These must be tiff or high quality jpg files.
    • All files must be 300 dpi, the offset-printing standard.
    • Photos should be about 5x7 inches.
    • The color space of all images must be RGB mode.
    • File names should not have punctuation or symbols but should help to identify the image.
    • Do not over-sharpen your images at any stage.
    • Place all your images in a folder that includes your name.
    • Compress the folder using the .zip extension.
    • Upload the folder to  You do not need a dropbox account to do this.
    • Contact the PSA Journal Editor at after upload is complete.
    • Articles and images may be uploaded individually or in a single ZIP file. The filename used for the ZIP file should have the author's last name and the date of submission.

  • Author's Agreement and Model Release
  • Deadlines and time tables
    • All scheduled material is due 60 days before the first day of the issue month.
    • Non-scheduled submissions are used when the Editor can work them into issues.
    • Accepted articles are entered into a queue and it may be 12-18 months before it is published.
    • Occasionally an article never works into an issue and may be returned to the author.
    • An author may request that an article be returned and not published.