News Editors

The PSA Journal includes recurring articles dedicated to the news of the PSA divisions, clubs, Chapters, and International PSA news; all compiled by member-editors. The PSA Journal News Editors gather the news regarding the group they represent; edit the information; and submit it to the PSA Journal Editor. 

Projected Image Division (PID) News Editor 


✉ Joanne Stolte, HonPSA, MPSA, ESFIAP, EFIAP·
Mike_Destefano.jpgNature Division News Editor


✉ Michael Di Stefano, APSA· 

Sammy SomekhPhotojournalism Division News Editor

✉ Sammy Somekh, FPSA, PPSA, ARPS, EFIAP·

maniscalco_lynn.jpgPhoto Travel Division News Editor

✉ Lynn Troy Maniscalco, HonFPSA, EPSA·

 Print Division News Editor

 ✉ Larry Cowles, HonPSA, GMPSA/P, EFIAP/p·

3D Division News Editor 


✉ Greg Duncan, APSA, GMPSA, GPSA, EFIAP/g· 

1f-judyfrieders.jpgChapter News Editor

✉ Judith Frieders, APSA·

maniscalco_lynn.jpgClub and Council News Editor

✉ Lynn Troy Maniscalco, HonFPSA, EPSA·