Distinctive Image

Quarterly, the Managing Editor of the PSA Journal chooses a member of the Society to be featured in the Distinctive Image Series. The qualifications for selection are that the member must have earned a PSA Distinction: Proficiency (PPSA), Excellence (EPSA), Master (MPSA), or Grand Master (GMPSA); and the selected individual must have a photography "specialty." The feature includes the selected member's photographs, the main biographical article, the artist's photographic techniques, and an artist's statement. If an image is suitable it will be used on the issue's cover.

Distinctive Image Featured Photographers

SK (Palli) Gajree, HonPSA, PPSA, OAM February 2018 Exhibiting and Lecturing
Stan Bormann, APSA, EPSA December 2017 Monochrome Images
Gary Potts, GMPSA, EFIAP/b September 2017 Vanishing Barns of Indiana
Joachim W. Dettmer, FPSA, MPSA June 2017 In search of beauty
Signe Emmerich, FPSA, EPSA March 2017 Emotional and story-telling images
Margaret (Peggy) Boike, EPSA December 2016 Flowering Plants and Insects
Richard (Rick) Cloran, FPSA, MPSA September 2016 Nature Story
Jan Lee, APSA, EPSA May 2016 Monochrome
Viki Gaul, APSA, PPSA March 2016 Birds and all Genres
Gunther Riehle, APSA, GMPSA December 2015 Wildlife
Tom Hady, APSA, MPSA September 2015 Travel
Luis Alberto Franke, GMPSA June 2015 Rural Life
Susan Cowles, APSA, EPSA March 2015 Portraits

Sophia Cheung, FPSA, MPSA December 2014 Light, Shadow & Patterns
Janis Maguire, FPSA, MPSA September 2014 Dark Starry Nightscapes
Carl Soerens, FPSA, MPSA June 2014 Amateur and High School Sports
William B. Barnett, MPSA March 2014 People and Cultures

Elena McTighe, APSA, EPSA Dec 2013 Horses
Norbert Heil, MPSA September 2013 Swimming
David, FPSA, GMPSA and Carol, FPSA, GMPSA Meisenheimer June 2013 Curves and Angles
Joseph Hearst, APSA, PPSA March 2013 The Innovative Image

Dr. Erik Kissa, APSA, MPSA December 2012 Flowers
Robert Griffith, FPSA, MPSA September 2012 Birds
Tom Savage, APSA, MPSA June 2012 Bears
Jan-Thomas Stake, GMPSA March 2012 People

Lloyd McCarthy, FPSA, GMPSA December 2011 Wildflowers
Edgar Lower, FPSA, MPSA September 2011 Mountain Scenery
Tony Potter, PPSA June 2011 Slice of Life
Dan Charbonnet, FPSA, EPSA March 2011 Spiders

Lynn Troy Maniscalco, FPSA, EPSA December 2010 People of China
Robert Leonard, FPSA, EPSA September 2010 Stereo
Dana Vannoy, APSA, PPSA June 2010 Time & Place
Sharp Todd, APSA, PPSA March 2010 Waterfalls

Sammy Somekh, APSA, PPSA January 2010 Human Interest
Sam Shaw, FPSA, PPSA September 2009 Creative
Bailey Donnally FPSA, PPSA June 2009 B & W
Joanne Stolte, APSA, EPSA March 2009 Young Animals

Jozef Aerts, FPSA, EPSA December 2008 Human Interest
Barbara Miller, FPSA, PPSA September 2008 Creative Flowers
Henry Ng, PPSA June 2008 China Landscapes
Larry Cowles, APSA, EPSA March 2008 Portraits

Derek Slattery, APSA, EPSA December 2007 Sea Birds
Richard Frieders, FPSA September 2007 Pretty Digital Creations
Jake Mosser, FPSA, EPSA June 2007 Nature
Nancy Sams, APSA, EPSA March 2007 Rodeo

Manfred Gsteu, FPSA, PPSA December 2006 Trees
Carol Bailey, FPSA, EPSA September 2006 Bears
Russel Kriete, HonPSA, FPSA, EPSA
& Jane Kriete, FPSA, EPSA
June 2006 Travel
Nick Muskovac, APSA, EPSA March 2006 Digital Manipulations

Peter Bisset, APSA, EPSA December 2005 Birds
Cyril Mazansky, EPSA September 2005 New England
Leo KK Wong, FPSA, PPSA June 2005 Landscapes–Double Exposed
Diane Racey, FPSA, EPSA March 2005 Pet Photography

Name removed December 2004 Nature
Gerry Emmerich, FPSA, EPSA September 2004 Hawaii
Michael Verdoodt, EPSA June 2004 Photo Travel - People
Timo Vare, EPSA March 2004 Winter Scenes

Leonard Gordon, FPSA, PPSA December 2003 Digital Imagery
Albert Sieg, FPSA, EPSA September 2003 Stereo
Leroy Lambright, APSA, PPSA June 2003 Landscapes
Fred Greene, FPSA, EPSA March 2003 Portraits

M Craig Carver, FPSA, PPSA December 2002 Blacklight
Reggie Wickham, APSA, PPSA August 2002 B&W (Kodak Line Tone)