Policy on Photo Adventures

PSA Emergency Contact Procedures, Call Tree, Reporting

In the event of an emergency during a PSA Event, the PSA Representative (PSAREP), or Tour Event Leader or designated assistant should:

  1. First, call 911 and ask to be transferred to the county or park service, whichever may apply, to report the emergency and for emergency services using an accident report including medical condition;

  2. Second, call the person identified on the Release as the emergency contact person to inform about the emergency;

  3. Third, call PSA Headquarters at 1-855-772-4636 to inform about the emergency; PSA Headquarters should in turn call the PSA President unless another officer has been designated for this purpose;

  4. Fourth, call PSA’s insurance agency at 1-800-444-0077 to inform about the emergency;

  5. Fifth, the PSAREP should promptly (within 48 hours after the emergency) prepare an Accident Investigation Report regardless of the severity of the emergency or accident, including something that could have resulted in but did not result in an injury to persons or damage to property. The investigation is fact-finding, not fault-finding, to find out what and why an event happened, and how it could be prevented. Contact information of witnesses, and detail of the accident or emergency, should be documented.  

July 2014