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‚úČ John Andrew Hughes, APSA, PPSA, AFIAP·
PSA owns an extensive collection of images which numbers in the 7,000’s.  The collection consists of both digital and prints.   The collection resides at the University of Central Oklahoma.

In 2013 PSA entered into an agreement with the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) to house the Historical Print Collection (part of the overall collection) in UCO’s Max Chambers Library, Archives & Special Collections. This arrangement benefits both PSA and UCO since the collection can be accessed as a research and educational tool and is now conveniently housed close to PSA Headquarters. As a separate agreement with UCO, but equally advantageous to us both, is the arrangement to have the PSA Greenhood Scholarships awarded to students at UCO. Each year four hard-working and enthusiastic photography students majoring in the Photographic Arts are awarded a PSA Greenhood Scholarship.

Historical Print Collection Historical Projected Image Collection

The PSA Print Committee (PCC) selects  prints from the best photographers within PSA. The selected prints are incorporated into the Permanent Print Collect of PSA. 

The committee selects images from the Permanent Print Collection for the gallery exhibition at the Annual PSA Conference, and the selection of images for the next Print Collection Calendar.

The PSA Projected Image Collection Committee (PICC) is responsible for the Collections from all Divisions except for the images from the Pictorial Print Division (PPD). 

Historic Prints of the PSA Collection

Historical Book Collection

Describes the history behind some of the prints in the collection. 

Historic Prints of the PSA Print Collection

The PSA Historical Book Collection consists of approximately 1500 books, magazines, journals and other significant historic articles which have been donated to the society and its members. The oldest is a copy of ‘The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac’ dating back to 1896. Bound copies of the PSA Journal are a treasured part of the archive. The Book Collection is preserved and housed at PSA Headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK. 

PSA Collections Committee Master Operating Manuals:

» PSA Scholarship - pdf (updated March 2021)
» Historical Book Collections Committee - pdf (September 2019)
» Historical Print Collections Chair and Committee - pdf (September 2019)
» Historical Projected Image Collections Committee - pdf (updated March 2021)
» Image Collections Vice President (ICVP) - pdf (updated September 2019)