Chair:  ‚úČ Holly Moore, PPSA·

The PSA Print Committee (PCC) has the responsibility for the selection of prints from the best photographers within PSA. The selected prints will be incorporated into the Permanent Print Collect of PSA. The Print Selection Committee receives and reviews annually the top images from PSA sanctioned exhibitions including Color, Monochrome, Nature, Photo Travel and Photo Journalism divisions.

The committee also has oversight responsibilities of the archival process for the selected images. These images once scanned and the data regarding the image stored are then housed at the University of Central Oklahoma in a climate controlled environment.  

Other responsibilities of the committee include the selection of images from the Permanent Print Collection for the gallery exhibition at the Annual PSA Conference, and the selection of images for the next Print Collection Calendar.


CHAIR Holly Moore, PPSA·
Sharp Todd, HonPSA, GMPSA/B·
Janet Bigalke, FPSA·
Henry Ng, FPSA, EPSA·
Louis Duncan, APSA, PPSA·
Drew Hendrix·
Elena McTighe, HonPSA, MPSA, ESFIAP·(ex-officio)
John Andrew Hughes, APSA, PPSA·(ex-officio)