Preparing a Portfolio for Submission

Preparing your Overview Image for your PSA Portfolio Distinction Application

You don’t only have to choose 10/15 images but you have to be sure that they work together as a portfolio and a good way of doing this is to start by creating your Overview Image i.e. one image that shows all your images: 10 for a BPSA application or 15 for an SPSA application.

A BPSA Portfolio of ten images can have a layout of five images in the first row and five images in the second row. However, if it provides cohesion, consistency, balance, and symmetry; it could have three images in the top row, three images in the second row, and four images in the third row or any combination all based on the balance and consistency of form, size, color, tonality, subject, etc., that the layout provides.

An SPSA Portfolio of fifteen images could have a layout of five images in each of three rows; however, a layout of four images in the top row, five images in the second row, and six images in the third or bottom row that portray a cohesive, consistent, balanced, and symmetrical set of images is a possibility.

Please review the videos, below, to help you prepare your overview image.

The Portfolio Submission

  • Must have a central theme
  • Short statement of intent (up to 75) words - explains purpose, objective, or intent of the work
  • Overview Image - A Portfolio needs to be cohesive, consistent, balanced, and have symmetry. The Overview Image provides the overall layout to view the Portfolio while reading or listening to the Statement of Intent, and the sequence that the individual images (digital or print) in the Portfolio are to be viewed.
  • Variety - each image should demonstrate variety and not be too similar to any other
  • Sizes:
    • Digital images - maximum of 1400px x 1050 px.
    • Prints - maximum of 16 x 20 inches, including the mounting, MUST BE MADE BY THE PARTICIPANT - no commercially prepared prints are eligible
    • 3D (digital) - 3840 x 1080 px
    • 3D (print) - "Holmes-Style Stereo Prints" - maximum of 7 inches wide x 5 inches high
  • Calibration: While sensor-based calibration is essential for consistent evaluation of images, some of the systems out there are accurate with color, but not accurate with brightness. Calibration information and sample images can be downloaded from http://www.photovaultonline.com/photovault/index.php?r=site/calibration and used for adjusting the brightness of the device you will be using to prepare the images for your portfolios. 
  • Authors name may not appear anywhere on the projected image or print.
  • Portfolios already submitted to other photo organizations for similar recognition are not acceptable.
  • BPSA (first level) requires 10 images
  • SPSA (second level) requires 15 images
  • GPSA (third level) requires 20 images - may only be applied for once a member has achieved the SPSA

Click the following red title (or "Show All") to see helpful videos on preparing an overview image in either Photoshop or MS Word. If you have any questions after seeing the videos, contact Jon Fishback.
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  • Videos to Help Create an Overview Image

    Choose the video above to help create a Sequencing photo in Photoshop.

     Choose the video above to help create a Sequencing Photo in Microsoft Word

  • The Aesthetics of an Overview Image

    Choose the video above to help you determine the layout and design of a sequencing image.