Prashant Meswani, QPSA

Since 2011, Prashant has developed an interest in a number of genres ranging from Wildlife, Landscape / Architecture, Street Photography and Portraiture. With his Wildlife photography, his focus is to capture (with his camera) images that have visual impact by observing the behaviour of the subject and pre-empting what nature intends to do. With his Portraiture photography, whilst not necessarily focusing on reproducing work based on well-known artists or photographers, being able to work with established and respected local models and to focus on aspects Lighting that allows me to showcase form and abstraction. His interest in Architecture and Landscape photography was born out of discovering his home city in more detail beyond what people will see as tourists. Using various different types of natural light to achieve his goals. As a photographer, Prashant is not afraid to push his boundaries of understanding and seek validation that what he produces can be appreciated not just the viewers, but also by his repected peers.

Prashant Meswani earned his QPSA in 2018.