PPD Interclub

PPD Interclub Competition Rules for Creative Altered Reality (CAR)

Creative Altered Reality (CAR) is considered to be a “theme” and therefore is not specifically regulated within PSA. For the PPD Interclub Competition, the rules for the CAR entries are:

  1. All prints entered in the CAR theme category must be entirely the work of the maker. Therefore, it is not permissible to incorporate photographic material from a third party or from other electronic sources such as the internet. 

  2. All parts of the image must originate as photographs; therefore, no elements of the image may originate as “clip art,” text, or computer graphics. Manipulation of an image that originated as a photograph is not limited.

  3. CAR prints may be monochrome or color, and sizes may range from 5x7 inches to 16x20 inches. A club’s four CAR entries may be any combination of color, monochrome, large or small prints.

  4. All prints entered in PPD Interclub competitions, including CAR, may be originated or printed by any photographic process, personal or commercial. Non-photographic printing processes such as lithograph, serigraph or silk screening processes are not permitted.