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2011 PPD Print of the Year Awards

Based on PSA-recognized Exhibitions that took place in 2011 awarded in 2012

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Print of the Year: Large Color  
PPD-POY-2011-1st-LC-Dunluce-Castle-Brian-Hopper.jpg PPD-POY-2011-2nd-LC-Morning-On-The-Ganges-Schnelzer.jpg PPD-POY-2011-3rd-LC-Sunbeam-AM-OShaughnessy.jpg
First: Brian Hopper, Ireland
Dunluce Castle
Second: J.R. Schnelzer, USA
Morning on the Ganges
Third: Gabriel J. O'Shaughnessy, Ireland
Sunbeam A.M.
Print of the Year: Large Monochrome
PPD-POY-2011-1st-LM-Egg-Rocks-Schnelzer.jpg PPD-POY-2011-2nd-LM-Fisherman-at-Lough-Acurry-Brian-Hopper.jpg PPD-POY-2011-3rd-LM-Man-In-the-Window-No-2-_Jerlemar.jpg
First: J.R. Schnelzer, USA
Egg Rocks
Second: Brian Hopper, Ireland
Fisherman at Lough Acurry
Third: Nils-Eric Jerlemar, Sweden
Man in Window No. 2
Print of the Year: Small Color
PPD-POY-2011-1st-SC-Julie-In-Red_Cowles-susan.jpg PPD-POY-2011-2nd-SC-Catching-Gayals-no-1_Dao_Tien_dat.jpg PPD-POY-2011-3rd-SC-Lady-In-Tunnel-Suszkiewicz.jpg
First: Susan Cowles, USA
Julie in Red
Second: Dao Tien Dat, Vietnam
Catching Gayals #1
Third: Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark
Lady in Tunnel
Print of the Year: Small Monochrome
PPD-POY-2011-1st-SM-Ashley-HIgh-Fashion_Cowles-larry.jpg PPD-POY-2011-2nd-SM-Leaf_Schnelzer.jpg PPD-POY-2011-3rd-SM-Go-Gang-Conical-Hat-No-3-Dao-Tien-Dat.jpg
First: Larry Cowles, USA
Ashley High Fashion
Second: J.R. Schnelzer, USA
Third: Dao Tien Dat, Vietnam
Go Gang Conical Hat #3