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PSA Portfolios Recipients
  Portfolio distinctions are given for a body of work, that reflects a photographer's personal style and photographic interest. All applications are made online. Limit of 100 applications per assessment. Early registration and fee payment suggested.

SUBMISSION DATES: October 15 - December 15, 2016 for the January 2017 Assessment.  (Another assessment will be held in June 2017.)

"I encourage everyone to challenge yourself to the portfolio project for several reasons: it forces you to consider what your best work is; it helps you to confirm your identity as a photographer and to articulate it in words and images; it challenges you to consider your work not just as individual images, but as a true body of work; it helps you to become better at critiquing your work – its strengths and weaknesses – and improving it. And, ultimately, it’s fun!" Marie Rakoczy BPSA

The Process
Members must complete the online Portfolio application for all applications and must upload all images, be they digital or print applications. Online applications only.  Email the director for details on where to mail Print Portfolios (will be a U.S. address). Prior to uploading any 3D applications, please email the director for further details.

Members may apply for either a BPSA (first level), or a SPSA (second level). Only after achieving the SPSA may they apply for the GPSA (third level). PSA members can use these acronyms after their names when their applications are approved.


Each Portfolio consists of:

  • A title - maximum 5 words
  • A Statement of Intent - maximum 75 words
  • An Overview Image - showing the sequence in which the images are to be viewed
  • 10/15 or 20 images depending on whether the application is made for BPSA/SPSA or GPSA

Model Release for Portraits Required

The entrant to this PSA activity must upload a signed Model Release with his/her entry for every portrait image, including all the recognizable likenesses of a human face, which were not taken in a public location. The entrant and model agree to hold PSA harmless against all claims and liabilities arising out of PSA’s publication, display, or other use of any portrait image submitted to PSA. Award images will be posted on the PSAweb site and selected images may be published in the PSA Journal/Division Newsletters.

For those who do not have a Model Release, a sample Model Release Form is linked here.

Entry and Fees

Entry is a two-step process. The following two steps are linked to the appropriate webpage:

  1. Pay entry fees via PayPal (no PayPal account required), save receipt from PayPal. BPSA: $90, SPSA: $140, GPSA: $200
    Payment, via PayPal, must be made BEFORE you start the online application, since proof of payment must be attached to the online application
  2. Submit online application - Pre-registration is necessary on this site, select the option for PSA Portfolio Distinctions 2017
    Instructions on how to use the online application


Guidelines - Please consult this very important document with all the information you need to apply. It includes FAQ's.

Print Guidelines - Please consult this very important document to find out all the requirements for submitting prints.

Instructions on how to use the online application - full details on how to submit your application online.

Overview Image and Statement of Intent - brief guidelines

Online Courses - PSA has developed two very helpful courses to instruct you on how to create a portfolio for assessment: "A Portfolio Experience" (takes you through the process of creating a portfolio); and "Creating Portfolios for Assessment," a more advanced course geared toward receiving a portfolio distinction from PSA.

The PSA Portfolio Project: A New Challenge by Marie Rakoczy, BPSA - Marie leads you through her experience in successfully applying for her BPSA.  This article offers excellent advice. "It was an exciting moment when I heard of the portfolio acceptance - it gave me a sense of accomplishment and affirmation. But it wasn’t just the end result that was satisfying: the experience of creating the portfolio entry and the learning processes that it involved were their own reward."

Going for my BPSA, by Greg Duncan, EPSA, BPSA, EFIAP/b, PSA Journal, December 2016

 The First PSA Portfolio Assessment, by Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA, EFIAP, PSA Journal, August 2016

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