Latest PSA Portfolios Distinction Program Recipients 

updated June 2020

CONGRATULATIONS to our latest successful Portfolio Distinction applicants:

Gerald R Fleury USA Abandoned
Sau Fong Neo Malaysia Thaipusam
Kyaw Kyaw Oo Singapore Dreams in my Art
Jiongxin Peng New Zealand Life of Miao Nationality
Michael Pockney England The Painted Lady Butterfly
Stefan Stuppnig Austria World Body Painting Festival
Jiajun Chai China Life inside Rohingya Refugee Camp
Chong Kit Han Malaysia The Path of Belief
Peter Nicholls USA Decorated Vaults of Great Churches
Ling Xie China Himba Tribe
Danlei Ye Canada Ethiopian Tribes
Bob Chiu USA The Waorani
Siew Thong Chu  Malaysia Malaysia - Traditional Trades and Crafts
Yehuda Sameach Israel Israel - International Religious Rites and Ceremonies
Peter Scrifes USA Falling Water

Application is open on Photovaultonline – remember that only once you have finalized your entry on Photovaultonline will your portfolio be added to the list – if the next assessment session is already full it will automatically be allocated to the following session.