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2017 PID Photo Essay Contest Results


Gold Medal, Color - Red Wrens of Caba by Sally Hinton, PPSA, Tweed Heads South, NSW, Australia

Silver Medal, Color - Retirement at Last, by Diana Magor, MPSA, Hoylake, Wirral, UK

Bronze Medal, Color - Why I Gave Up Slideshows, by Greg Duncan, MPSA, BPSA, Broodstone, Dorset, England

Honorable Mention, Color - The Fair, by Viki Gaul, APSA, PPSA, Lawrencetown, NS,  Canada

Honorable Mention, Color - Tango in Buenos Aires, by Nancy Wolejsza, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Honorable Mention, Color - Nature's Patterns, by Brian Magor, APSA, MPSA, Hoylake, Wirral, UK

Honorable Mention, Color - Flora's Secret, by Peter Reichel, Leksand, Sweden


Gold Medal, Monochrome - Dear Mr. President, by Ann Alimi, Torono, ON, Canada

Silver Medal, Monochrome - The Boss 2012-2016, by Diane Poole, Kensington, MD, USA

Bronze Medal, Monochrome -  Shapes & Textures in the Garden, by Lazlo Podor, Windsor Junction, NS, Canada

Honorable Mention, Monochrome - Eagles, by Bonnie Dawson, Lake Forest, IL, USA


Gold Medal, Video - The Haunted Mansion by Peter Reichel, Leksand, Sweden

Honorable Mention, Video - Starry Night, by Stephen Evans, BPSA, Dallas, TX, USA

Honorable Mention, Video - Bubble Art, by Stephen Evans, BPSA, Dallas, TX, USA