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Partha Kumar Palit, EPSA

Although electronics is Patha Kumar Palit's hobby, photography is his love and passion since childhood. He started photography on his own in 1970 with a box camera gifted by his elder sister. He then passed a certificate course in photography in 1976, a diploma course in 1978, and a judges's training course (Appreciation of Pictorial Photograph) in 1982.

He was awarded ARPS in 1981, EFIAP/b in 2014, Fellow Federation of Indian Photography (FFIP) distinction in 2012 and PPSA in 2015, for the contribution in Pictorial Photography. He earned his EPSA in 2018.

He has been participating in National & International exhibitions since 1978. Many of his works have been reproduced in journals and catalogues. He is co-author of Learn Photography, a text book on photography published by the Photographic Association of Dum Dum, India (PAD).

He is life member of PAD since 1982 & Federation of Indian Photography since 2012. He is also member of PSA and RPS.

He is a regular faculty member serving as Honorary Lecturer in Photography for both in basic & advanced Courses in photography. Acting as project guide for the dissertation papers of the diploma students. He is deeply involved in various organizational functions like, international conferences, national seminars, international salons, members' exhibition, symposiums etc. of PAD. He is also serving as Honorable Judge in International Photographic Exhibitions under the patronage of PSA, FIAP and RPS.