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FIAP grants patronage (similar to PSA recognition) to an international exhibition (salon) that meets the FIAP standards and regulations (linked from this page below). FIAP medals and ribbons are awarded in these exhibitions, and acceptances and awards count towards FIAP distinctions.

American organizations sponsoring an international exhibition of photography that are considering applying for FIAP patronage must be a PAA member, i.e., PSA-member clubs or councils, or a PSA chapter in the USA; and the exhibition (salon) organizer/general chair must be an individual member of PSA living in the USA.

NOTE: There are additional PAA requirements for USA salons requesting FIAP Patronage that are linked from this page, below.

All applications for FIAP patronage must be submitted via the online FIAP Patronage Platform. The PAA FIAP Liaison Officer receives notification of a patronage application submission, reviews the application for compliance, and sends recommendations regarding approval of the application to the FIAP Director of Patronage Service.

In order to submit a FIAP patronage application online using the FIAP Patronage Platform, the exhibition (salon) organizer (SO) must create a profile on the platform and learn how to use the platform. In order to simplify this process, FIAP has produced six short video tutorials: Profile Creation, Set Your Password, Login & Check Profile, Submit a FIAP Contest Application, Amend your Submission, and Finalize Application Payment which can be seen at:

FIAP may make long-service Plaquette Awards to the organizers of patronage events.