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‚úČ Viki Gaul, FPSA, PPSA, BPSA·

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Welcome to the Ontario Province home page. Thank you for visiting with us. Please come again!

As the Ontario Province Membership Director, my team and I look forward to helping the members of our province take advantage of all of its available photographic opportunities. Assistance with participation in individual and interclub competitions, study groups and showcase galleries are just a few examples. Programs are also being planned that will be geared specifically for our province's members.

On some occasions, we will be working as partners with our Canadian Plains Area Director to provide a wide range of services that will enable the members in our area to easily renew their membership, participate in international exhibitions, maintain acceptance records and make applications for Stars Ratings. Guidance will also be available for those seeking help in improving their photographic skills through the use of PSA Mentors and educational courses.

If you reside in Ontario, please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and suggestions concerning the establishment of programs that will specifically benefit our members. Your contributions will be most helpful. Let's all work together to develop some interesting and exciting activities. Thank you, in advance, for your support and assistance.

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