On your own in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PSA offers 13 organized tours for conference attendees (see left side of this page for a link to Conference Tours) but they barely scratch the surface of what you can do while in Pittsburgh. Here are a few activities you can do on your own or with friends.

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  • DOORS OPEN PITTSBURGH - Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8

    Doors Open Pittsburgh is a FREE, 2-day event that will provide behind-the-scenes access, or some unique experience, to a collection of iconic buildings in Downtown Pittsburgh.

    Doors Open Pittsburgh takes place the weekend of October 7-8, from 9am-4pm.

    Open buildings will include private clubs, theaters, adaptive re-use, residential, heritage sites, government offices, hotels, sacred places, artists and office spaces.

    Price: $8 for one day, $12 for two days, under 18 is FREE and Seniors over 65 are FREE 
    Note - tickets are required for entry:

    Simply go to the Doors Open Pittsburgh website:
    Decide on the sites you want to visit
    Create your own itinerary and go!
    At each building, you will be greeted by a Doors Open Pittsburgh volunteer, and then be allowed to explore (some sites will provide guided experiences).

  • PSA PHOTOWALKS - October 10-13
    There will be six Photowalks in Pittsburgh for members to get together for a fun few hours of shooting. There are six scheduled. There are no rules, no fees, and the only thing you need to do is have a good time. As in the past, there will be a leader to suggest a route and help with technical questions. In the past these leaders have included some of our featured speakers. It is a chance to work one on one with a real professional! Come join us!

    Photowalks leave from the Marriott lobby on the following days and times:

    Photowalk A - Tuesday, October 10, 9:30pm - 11:30pm 

    Photowalk B - Wednesday, October 11, 6:00am - 8:00am

    Photowalk C - Wednesday, October 11, 9:30pm - 11:30pm 

    Photowalk D - Thursday, October 12, 6:00am - 8:00am

    Photowalk E - Thursday, October 12, 9:30pm - 11:30pm 

    Photowalk F - Friday, October 13, 6:00am - 8:00am

  • SELF-GUIDED WALKING TOURS - can be done any time!
    There are six free self-guided walking tours that you can do at any time. Click the links for a downloadable pdf describing the tour:
    For more information, see: