Newsletter Contest

PSA Club Newsletter Contest Entry Form

The PSA Club Newsletter Contest is available only to PSA Clubs, Councils and Chapters.

To enter the contest, please fill out the following form. Uploaded newsletters can be up to 8mb in size. File names should not contain special characters such as !@#$%^&*()+{}|”:<>? Or any spaces between words. Underscores or dashes between words in a file name are preferred over spaces. EXAMPLE: A file name like “Camera Club April 2014 Newsletter!” can cause issues versus “Camera-Club_April_2014_Newsletter” where the spaces and special characters are removed.

Please note - if you discover you've made an error after submitting your entry you can either: 1) email the director and explain the error or 2) resubmit the entry in its entirety - if you choose this option, note that it is a resubmission in the Comments field (last question).

Attach newsletter entry PDF if appropriate (8mb or less)

    English translation (if needed)