Image of Year - Nature

Nature Division 2016 Image of the Year - Print Winners

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In 2017 for 2016 exhibitions (from 233 Exhibitions: 212 digital & 21 print), 777 digital images/prints were eligible from 291 entrants in 43 countries, and 380 images and 29 prints were submitted from 124 entrants in 31 countries.

Print of the Year, 14 pts
Attacking Dinner
Tom Savage, APSA, MPSA, Texas, USA
Honor Award, 14 pts
Cheetah with 3 Cubs
Bob Devine, MPSA, AFIAP, England, UK
Honor Award, 13 pts
Brown Bear Fishing 09
Koon Nam Cheung, MPSA, Hong Kong

Honor Award, 14 pts
Young Lynx in Mid Air
Alan Walker, MPSA, England, UK