2014-15 Nature Interclub

2014-2015 Nature Interclub Round 1 Awards

GROUP A    (Click image to enlarge)
Sibling Squabble
Janet DiMattia
Cape Cod Viewfinders
The Falls
Lynn Thompson, FPSA, EPSA
Saguaro Camera Club
Bluet Damselfly
Denise Saldana
New Haven Camera Club

Osprey with Catch
Peter Curcis
Greater Lynn Photographic Assoc.
Wolves at Play
Julie Walker, EPSA
West Cumbria Photo Club
GROUP B    (Click image to enlarge)

Puffy Cheeks
Butch VanSeters
Hillcrest Camera Club
Bryce Sunrise
Tad Hetu
Forest Grove Camera Club
Whitetail Fawn
Randy Lawson
Charlotte Camera Club

Humpback Feeding
Glen Abelson
South Shore Camera Club
Great Blue Herons Nest Building
Mike Florian
Grosse Pointe Camera Club
Tern Feeding Chick
Patricia Walsh

South Shore Camera Club