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Nasser Alrabeai, EPSA

Nasser Alrabeai lives in Najran city, in Saudi Arabia. He has been photographing for more than 18 years with his first camera, a Nikon Vlmah. He loves photography - for him it is like air and food. He says, "Through it I know myself and identity and still the culture of my community, I am of the desert and unknown environment, it is my duty to send a message of love from the cities of Najran to the whole world."

Nasser Alrabeai has earned over 80 international awards in 22 different countries. He has more than 1500 acceptances in international competitions and has earned from the following distinctions from other organizations: AFIAP -UPI Aphrodite- UPI CR3 - He earned both his PPSA and EPSA in 2015.